Instinct Miyoshi Miyagi pheromone perfume for Women 50ml


Miyoshi Miyagi Instinct 50ml, Höchste Konzentration Pheromon


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Scented pheromones for women. Perfumes with pheromones.

For those who value natural simplicity of universal products we have created a special edition of pheromones – Instinct. The effectiveness of Miyoshi Miyagi pheromones has been combined with exquisite fragrances. This is how the sexually magnetizing pheromone perfumes, available for men and women, came into being.

The blend of sweet, root and flowery notes added to Miyoshi Miyagi pheromone formula constitutes a unique composition – temptress’s secret weapon.

Women who like being in the centre of attention will surely appreciate this sensual fragrance, which has been for many years a hit in the top-notch perfume shops all over the world. This product has been so successful thanks to the exotic kumquat fruit, root spices and sweet, feminine notes of jasmine and vanilla.
Along with pheromones the easily detectable scents of amber, musk and sandalwood will be released all day long. It includes, among other things, such pheromones as Androstenol, Androstenon and Alpha-Androstenol. It is precisely these pheromones as well as the exclusive Miyoshi Miyagi ingredients that make the whole Instinct line so effective.

Wide range of Miyoshi Miyagi products offers preparations of various pheromone concentration. Decide yourself what will be the extent of your influence on those in your surrounding, depending on the situation.

Bottle – 50ml
Pheromone content – 0.43 mg/1 ml
Effective dose – 4-5 sprays

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Größe 0.01 × 0.01 × 0.01 cm


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